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yvette-n-prelleWe are a complete full service Real Estate brokerage under the guidance of a real estate attorney broker. (Law services provided under separate agreement with attorney). You can be confident in the fact that we bring more than 30+ years of experience to the table.

YPDOCS.COM is a full service Real Estate sales office. In addition, we also draft needed Real Estate legal documents and provide recording services for a wide variety of clients, attorneys, property owners, CPA’s, contractors, etc. in Orange County California and surrounding counties. This office provides a wide selection of urgently needed Real Estate documents from Quit Claim Deeds, Grant Deeds, etc. as well as title searches and property value estimates and Affidavits of Death and Trust Deed changes. For a complete list of all Real Estate documents, deeds and services provided please click here. The Real Estate documents and deeds we prepare and draft are record-able, valid and insurable.

Call YPDOCS.COM at 949-293-5390 for more information or send an email with your question to or simply fill out our easy form and submit. YPDOCS.COM is totally committed to delivering fast and efficient friendly hands on service with no hidden fees. When it is time to have your important and needed real estate related legal documents prepared, as well as drafted quickly and swiftly, make that call now to YPDOCS.COM at 949-293-5390 today or send an email to or click here to complete our easy form and submit! We are here to assist you by adding another value added service you can provide to your clients, family and friends!

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Do you need a Real Estate sales professional and/or legal documents drafted for yourself or one of your clients? Let my full service real estate office provide you with fast turnaround service to draft your Grant Deed, Quit Claim Deed, promissory note, Correction Deed, Lease documents, title changes, Mechanics Liens, Deed into and out of a Trust, Affidavits, FOR SALE BY OWNER (All needed contracts & CA state required disclosures) documents, Lease documents, Simple Power of Attorney or full POA, correct transfer issues, find lost documents, title searches, and much much more. If you are an attorney, or even if you are not, and you need quick real estate property information or any real estate document drafted such as an Affidavit of Death – give YPDOCS.COM a call. We can provide what you need within a short amount of time. We also can market and sell your probate, divorce settlement, bankruptcy or any property that you need or want to sell.

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If you need a real estate related documents drafted or you need to sell your Real Estate asset, call at 949-293-5390 or email to Or if you simply have a question, send a message today using the form provided below. Same day services may be available.

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